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Pool Resurfacing

Also called Diamond Brite, Plaster, or refinishing is a regular maintenance process that involves removing and replacing the top layer of the pool surface.With a smooth, rejuvenated surface and any cracks or leaks repaired, the pool is ready for a new sealant.

Sundeck & Spa

A sun shelf goes by many different names including a Baja shelf,tanning shelf or even a tanning ledge. Typically, spa pools refer to small, heated, and jetted pools that are built into the ground. They can be standalone features or adjoining a full swimming pool.


A crack is a structural crack, there is a pretty good chance that the pool is leaking or will eventually leak. These cracks occur in the shell of the pool and may appear in various locations. The cracking may be vertical or horizontal or on the sides or bottom of the Pool/SPA

Pool concrete repair:

  • 1. Inject epoxy or polyurethane into the crack to seal it off.
  • 2. Apply hydraulic cement over the crack.
  • 3. “Staple” the crack closed with rebar staples.
  • 4. Tear out and redo the damaged area of the pool


The PoolSkim (Hayward) attaches to one of the return jets on the side of the pool where water flows back into the pool.


Remove old cracked and worn tile and added new waterline tiles in your pool and spa to give it a face lift.

Deck & Coping

Repair your Deck/Coping, we can paint and build out the deck with wood, cement or tiles, or travertine (Infinite edge>

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